On conservatism

Last Thursday, September 19th, our confraternity, Pi Sigma - Pi Sigma Delta, held a forum at UP Clark's lobby regarding pork and cuts. We were able to organize dat shit despite huge-ass time constraints. A bunch of students sat in to listen to what Student Regent Krista Melgarejo had to say. It went smoothly, I think

(It should have. I dedicated my time preparing for it instead of reviewing for my BM 161 exam which was to take place on the same day we held the forum)

A number of students raised their concerns during the open forum, which, I think, deviates from my belief that the students from our unit are almost 100% conservative

Turns out that I was the one who was conservative. I've never really tried inviting others to form mass organizations because I was afraid of rejection. Now I think I know what I have to do

This is Raj giving his insights regarding the fact that students fled to different places when they were invited to come to the forum lol

Meanwhile, as I was trying to keep Krista and Aian company (they were aliens to this place), a student council official commented on my Updates invitation. To some, it may just have appeared as a harmless defense, pero to me, it attacked our confraternity and our confraternity's efforts

I don't even get why this shit happens. You try to fill in someone's shoes and BAM, people try to bring you down. I was just trying to change the world, yo

(Tapang magpost. Hi Monica. Ikaw lang naman reader ko eh hihihihi so I guess this should be fine?)

Now what I apparently have to work on is my relationship with the Student Council... I think. If they think of me as their comrade, it'll be easier for me to lobby relevant issues muhahahaha

Yes this is a take-over-the-world thing

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  1. This is what you were talking about pala. Fuck your student council official. I'm with you in the taking over the world thing. :)


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