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For the past three weeks, I've been overflowing with good vibes. Apparently it has manifested in the stuff that has happened to me in the previous days 

September 25 
UP Clark 

Went to school and saw this. I guess the student council has finally decided to take this shit seriously. I really hope they have 

Responsibilidad natin yan. I hope they truly mean what they have tried to convey on the comic strip thingy they've put up along the corridor

On another note, this ensued on one of the Marxism for Filipinos (Facebook) group comment threads. Recently, some dude hiding behind the name Aywan Ko has been trying to (and ultimately failing to), er, overthrow the Marxist line of thinking by presenting poop-quality countertheses

He seriously should try considering mastering the art of keeping anonymous first

September 26
Orange Apartment

Went drinking with my brothers and sisters... in principles. It's really fun hanging out with the alumni. They've got so much to share

I'm glad that I'm part of this family hihi
Ang sakit ay walang ano man sapagkat dadalhin ka nito sa isang antas ng pag-iisip na mas mataas kaysa karaniwan-- hindi makasarili, ngunit para sa mas nakararami

September 27
UP Clark, SM City Clark

David John got hold of my iPad again. Things happen when he gets hold of my stuff


Ah. Look at that happy kid, happily clutching onto her little red box of happiness

Splitpic stuff. DJ Swagger stuff

September 27 - 28
Kiyoko's crib, Bamban, Tarlac

On the way home, I saw Kiyoko and Dennis and Drew and Drew's new girlfriend. Kiyoko then invited me on an impromptu trip to her house. We saw The Conuring (2013) and a bunch of Doctor Who episodes. I'm really glad to have my first non-solo Whovian marathon with someone who can actually relate to stuff constantly I blabber about

Julian Casablancas, motherfuckas

*clap clap*


*do do wee doo*

Captain Jack Harkness, high summoner of lady boners

I need my mummy. Have you seen my mummy? Are you mummy?

Also, I got to borrow a book from Kiyoko's huge (as in HUGE) stash of books

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