June 2

Today marks the first day i officially teach as an English tutor (my English isn't even that good lol). Below is a candid photo of me expressing how tired i was after everything i've, erm, uhm, accomplished today (nope, still doesn't seem to be the right term... but anyway)

Earlier today, i had a hard time enjoying my lunch, for my heart wouldn't chill the shit out. I was to meet my first student at 1 in the afternoon and i swear to whoever is up there that the last time i experienced such o.a. palpitation was back when i consumed too much flattery and too much alcohol all at the same time

I super hated the feeling of butterflies pterodactyls partying inside my tummy as if an asteroid would hit the god freaking Earth and freeze them to extinction (oh wait--). They surely did mess up my guts

As with any first-timers, heinous screw-ups are unfortunately inevitable, and so i shall share how mine went. Without fully understanding what the codes meant, i mindlessly clicked on the "Absent" button because i forgot that it would result to a code 208 because lol stupid me. I wish it'd just turn into a big-ass shiny red button that screams don't freakin hit me i'll give u a 208 lol

An ugly scar on my flawless skin. Chos

That, however, was still  not the stupidest decision i made. See, i made a really shit move of opening CONSECUTIVE slots in my initial schedule, so i barely had time to go through all the tutoring notes / recommended materials to be used for (almost) every session

To be honest, that wasn't a super great concern at first since at first glance i only had one slot booked. However, as we advance to the tragic story of how i realized how stupid i was, unbooked sessions started popping up every time i refreshed the freakin page

And then i died

During the third session, i realized how easy it was to deal with this shit. Getting too excited while at the same time overly nervous was, in fact, totally unnecessary because in the end you'll just get to grin that evil grin when you ask yourself, "who's the freakin boss?"

Also, although the thought of English-pro students might intimidate you, as long as you are being sane, things will go well! I was even able to find my almost-soulmate hihi landi. Yep. Turns out Student #5 and i share the same interests: rock bands, jogging, amateur guitar-playing (lol huhu) wala lang gusto ko lang sabihin bye

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