Unlikely union

Picture your ideal date. Now picture having it with someone you've never personally met before. 
Sounds insanely cool, doesn't it? 

See, the plan was that I meet up with Isa, grab some fries, and then head off to UP Diliman to see the fire trees. But stuff happened! The next thing I know, I was holding on to a placard, hollering anti-TOFI chants (and making sorry attempts to cover my face with my balabal so that ermat won't see me on the evening news). More stuff happened and we found ourselves engaging in an educational discussion regarding the superstructure. This is my thing, man. This is my thing!

I thought the day couldn't get any better, but boy, do I only know so much. 

Post-rally/ED selfie

We sort of got hungry after all of that energy-draining shit, and so we decided to raid Area 2 for something to eat. Along the way, a tarpaulin jumped at us and dragged us into the Bulwagan ng Dangal museum, indulging us visually with such palatable pieces! Dammit. Isa started interpreting some of the installations, and so I went along and gave playing curator a go. I suck at interpreting stuff, so.


That was okay, tho! I'm more than glad to have huddled a bunch of ideas from dem art pieces hihihi.

As if one distraction wasn't enough, while walking near SC, I saw the Damitan ni Antonia's boutique, and, having seen their stuff on friends' blogs, I decided to take a glimpse of what they have to offer. I should have known that their stuff weren't the kind of stuff I dig, tho. My date (am I allowed to say that now?) and I seemed to have involuntary tiptoed to the book shop adjacent to Antonia, where we spent several minutes just admiring stuff.

It hurt that I had to leave the shop empty-handed, as Isa had already got me too interested in this Philosophy thingamajigum that I really, really wanted to get myself something that'd help me feed my brain guts with stuff that'd regard the field.

Dammit. I hate being penniless.

To betray our tummies no more, we finally went on a siomai-milk tea-shake date in Area 2. We also took a trip to the track field to admire the view, where we saw a bunch of couples doing their couple thing. We also got to watch a guy fulfill his third wheel duties. Well, by this time, Isa was starting to invite one of her friends over for a drink, and so I thought to myself, uy, malapit na rin third wheel duty ko. Lol.


During our session in Kambingan I didn't get much of that third wheel vibe! Sure they were a couple, but damn, just listen to them throw philosophical shtuff at one another! It's heavily intellectually intoxicating.

That day was a very rad day. 

24 May 2014 

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