Headbanging and desserts

Sofia came over today to have jill fix her laptop i think but then i also think that that's not a reasonable excuse for her to crash into our house so i guess it's just her thing to crash into people's houses with no apparent reason at all

That's quite a weird hobby, sofia

Also, she brought with her her fuji instax camera her mum gave her and two photos were taken of us (well okay one and a half of me). Recently i have been taking over jill's responsibility of guest-sitting sofia because jill is always busy p.k.-ing people online

I got to keep the one on the left woo hoo thanks sofia! Also, thanks for giving me the idea of sticking memorabilia onto my wall


We also had some cheesecake and danced to all time low: straight to dvd (pretending like we're part of the mosh pit and all) and took some hipster photos of her

Pinahaba ko lang pero photo dump lang talaga 'to hihi

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2 Responses to “Headbanging and desserts”

  1. ... awesome...

    ...kinda made me miss you girls...

    ... so yeah... MISS YOU!! ... glad to see you guys all... yeah XD

  2. I loves youz :) Thank you for making me feel loved! Always a good time! My mom got me new pants! It's red and it has three zippers! I like telling people about my new pants!!!!!!! I feel like I'm a rockstar :))


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