I was talking to myself and we were talking about you and how worthless of a piece of shit you are and why I liked you so much for so long and how i regret it now and how i really really hate you that i was already wishing you did better in school last term so you can finally transfer back to your hometown’s local uni because i really do not want you here and i just want to forget every shit about you and i would erase every freakin memory of you if i can so i was really hoping for that memory-erasing machine from Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind to be real so i can already get away from the image of a poophead that is you. I really hate you and i wish that the earth would just open up and swallow you whole. But then i got out of the cab and there you were, talking so flawlessly to me as if you never did anything wrong. Fuck you for that. I hate you and i’m really glad those butterflies which usually peck on my guts whenever i see you or think of you or of your name have already died. They’re dead and i think i finally really got over you. But i still hate you. I hate you but the words escaped my mouth when you talked to me. I didn’t wanta talk to you but i did anyway. I swear i did it unconsciously. I really swear. I also really think that it was super dumb of you to ask me if i just arrived because i obviously did because darling where could have i came from stepping out of the cab. You’re really stupid, aren’t ya. What was that? Was that a shitty attempt to start a conversation? Were you at a loss for words? You shouldn’t have talked to me. I was forced to respond with a stale yes and turn immediately away from you. I’m tired of seeing your face and i hope that i just get to forget that shit of a face. I hope you go away as soon as possible. Please go away. Then don’t come back or something.

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