Oh my God my first nosebleed I need a tampon.

Image NSFW, I think.

Anyway I'm so excited. Really. I've always dreamed of knowing how it feels like, you know. But God please make it stop now

I woke up at around 11:45 in the morning, carried on with my daily ritual (hilamos-toothbrush et cetera), then next thing I know blood came out of mi nose. As I type this, a huge wave of RBC's are being spewed out (hihi Plants vs. Zombies)! Cool cool cool cool cool.

Anyway I battered someone else's face towel (IDK maybe it's my mom's). Bedistang-Bedista, boy. Ewan. Bahala na katulong. Tide lang naman ata katapat e. Haha, look!

I haven't yet had my period so I think this is it. Maybe those blood cells got lost and mistook my left nostril for a vagina. I don't know. So if whatever I'm blabbing about right now is correct info, then this should go on for a week. And I haven't yet seen what a tampon looks like in real life. I once saw Amanda Bynes with one in her nose.

asdf jkl; I made a research. Or at least something like it.

"The weak blood vessel is in your left nostril, so that's the one that bleeds. It is not uncommon for extreme dryness or forceful blowing of the nose to cause this. If it is only once every three weeks or so, I wouldn't worry too much. A nosebleed can come from the front of the nose interior (in which case, the vaseline may help with the dryness), or deep within. If it becomes a daily problem, you can get a doctor to cauterize the problem blood vessel."

Left nostril. Extreme dryness (MAINET, YO). Okay. I thought I was PMS-ing or something. Anyway I just had my first ever nosebleed. And I'm happy about it. I bet you'll die without ever having one. Yes, you. Too bad.

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