July 28-33


Got to see eight sets of /indie/ flicks this year (yay)

7/28   Debosyon (Alvin Yapan)
7/29   Instant Mommy (Leo Abaya)
7/29   Jazz in Love (Documentary, Ruth Villarama-Gutierrez)
7/29   Short Films, A: Bakaw (Ron Segismundo), Missing (Zig Dulay), Para Kay Ama (Relyn Angkuan Tan), Taya (Adi Bontuyan), Tutob (Kissza Mari Campano)
7/30   Amor y Muerte (Ces Evangelista)
7/30   Bwakaw (2012 entry, Jun Lana)
7/30   David F. (Emmanuel Palo)
8/02   Babagwa (Jason Paul Laxamana)

7/29   Porno, because I got stuck at the Vito Cruz platform. Fuckin regret not waking up early
8/03   Transit,
8/03   Purok 7, and
8/03   The Diplomat Hotel, because all so suddenly my parents decided to take us on a trip to Laguna to /appreciate/ organic living and stuff. Got to give away my ticket to The Diplomat Hotel to one of my friends, though, and i'm super glad that my friend /sort of ? ? ?/ enjoyed watching dat shit

This is a super delayed and super haba post. Hihihihihi i just had to document dis shit because of course i freakin enjoyed it and i freakin paid a pretty huge amount for it

Sabi nung litol signboard?

This year, Cinemalaya was held from July 27th to August 4th. I knew that i wouldn't be able to be present the for whole week since i study in Pampanga, but since I'm the sort to like things only a few people are given the privilege to experience, who am i to let such an opportunity pass me by? I swear i'm not proud of this particular ka-burgis-an, so yeah, shame on me okay


I've only (and accidentally) found out that the festival was about to take place A WEEK before it did, so early (financial) preparations were automatically out of the question. Luckily my mum paid for a fifth of my expenses (yay)! The rest i plucked out of my allowance (Yup, mej napa-diet ako for two weeks, k. Also, did I mention that the week prior to that, I saw a film in an SM Cinema theater and attended a gig which i still paid for despite being heavily affiliated with its organizers? Yeah. Na-haggard nang matindi si wallet

Well, despite all these purse-slashing activities, the Great Architect of the Universe seemed to be in favor of me and of my absurd ka-burgis-an. Thanks a lot, Super Friend! Thanks for making me experience satisfaction and guilt all at once, ang weird nila


Day One. It was actually my first time commuting to the Cultural Center of the Philippines (CCP), and so to avoid the hassle brought about by pollution and queues and other metropolitan shit, my friends and i decided to take a cab that'll take us directly to the venue. Oha so burgis (especially when i am with Monica hahahahahuhu /wallet). In the end it was, albeit a bit costly, a pretty good decision to make because by the time we got to the ticket-selling window, only Debosyon tix were up for sale. The original plan was that we'd see the Shorts, B set that night (ata... or were we planning to see Ekstra?), but we don't have any other choice but not to, do we?

Debosyon | B
I was afraid that this one would contain an overly religious plot, but i'm so glad it didn't! I don't like those types of shit. It's prolly one of the best films i've seen this fest despite its being overly weird. Could Alvin Yapan be secretly Japanese?


Day Two. Char and i were supposed to watch Porno, but of course, due to our being so very punctual, we didn't make it. (The ticket is still with me, unscathed, so that i'll get to feel bad about it in the future or something.) We were about half an hour late, so we decided to just ditch the thing and get tickets for Instant Mommy, Jazz in Love, and Shorts, A instead. After getting the tix, i decided to put on a sort-of skater dress. Yes. A dress. Because i actually like wearing dresses


Instant Mommy | A-
Loved how Bechayda made use of masa jargon. The folks in the theater were laughing so hard at the terms she had been using, it gave away their position on the social strata (lol). One of the bits i liked most but i bet was left unappreciated was how dogmatism was portrayed in the field of education. (Nge feeling ko naman ako lang nakapansin kkkk)

Jazz in Love | C-
I swear i've seen Jazz and Theo secrete globs of molasses every time they were together... they were so freakin sweet towards each other!


Bakaw (Shorts, A) | D
I didn't quite get why the kid snatched the bag of fish being given to him wholeheartedly by the young lady whom he assisted, and suddenly tossed it at some random dump.

M I S S I N G (Shorts, A) | A++
Last year, i was heavily moved by Mananeya. This year, there's this. It messed up with my heart guts so much that i took home a Missing shirt just so i'd get to own some sort of memorabilia dedicated to it. Seriously, what the shit is with grayscales and desaparecidos?


Para Kay Ama (Shorts, A) | F
To be honest, i was secretly hoping that the two would commit incest, just so there'd be something interesting about it

Taya (Shorts, A) | B-
Dis shit analogized various Filipino larong kalye with social realities in a very straightforward manner. Kulang nalang, call to action

Tutob (Shorts, A) | B
Bored me up to the very end, then suddenly fucks with my freakin conscience


On my third day, i went on a solo date. It's not all that bad, though. I met a dood, but i wasn't actually able to expand my network since we didn't exchange digits and stuff. We were there to purely watch and enjoy what the screen has to offer (yay)


Amor y Muerte | D
Almost everything smelled of libido, but not once had it summoned my lady boner. Erm, maybe that's just how the filmmaker defines erotic. I liked the title card, though

Before i share my sentiments regarding the next film, let me narrate some sort of a side story (which could have been something sparks-inducing, but meh). After seeing Amor, i went directly to the Dream Theatre since i have nowhere else to go. I thought that i'd be able to get a whole row all to myself, so after selecting which unoccupied row i'll put under my reign, i took the seat nearest the aisle para /medyo/ mabakuran ko na yung row and stuff. Suddenly, some chic asked me if the seats next to me were occupied. I told her that they weren't, even though surrendering my army of lush chairs was against my will. I do not own CCP, after all. Sa pagkaluwag-luwag ng row, she took the seat adjacent to mine. I thought i have heard of her voice before, i just can't seem to place where exactly, so i decided to check her out. Jackpot. I was seated next to Ms. Angel Aquino! However, her friend came in and asked her to move a seat away from me, and so i was cockblocked (not that i have a cock ha). That's okay, i guess, maybe after the film i'd have the chance to take a photo with her. Maybe i won't-- she was there to enjoy herself nga naman pala. So sige na nga, 'di na muna siya actress ngayon. At 'di na muna ako magpapaka-faux hardcore fan girl. Five minutes into the film, some dude came and took the seat that was separating me from the Goddess of the Age-Proof... i was cockblocked for the second time. But boy was i glad that i was. See, i can't quite remember when or how it started, but suddenly the two of us (the cockblocking dude and i) were exchanging commentaries while watching the whole thing. I was glad that i seemed to have finally found my screening buddy for the day, yay

Bwakaw | A
I think it cute how old (as in gray hair-excreting old) gay dudes act like little lovestruck thirteen-year-olds-- for some reason, even though i was not involved in this little love tale, i felt as if my guts were being tickled too! Ang galing. Imagine how i felt when the end to this one-sided romance was revealed

Once we're out of the theater, the dude introduced himself as Lorenz. He asked what film i was going to see next. He told me that he'll be going home soon, but he noted that he'll be seeing Ekstra in Greenbelt /tomorrow/ (Wednesday). Swerte niya ha, he got to see dat award-hoarding film

And so i was left with no, er, date. That's fine, though. The fact that i was once again row-mates with Ms. Shamaine Buencamino during the screening of David F. made up for my loss haha (ja, i accidentally attended another gala premiere)

David F. | B+
This badass showcased how the US soldiers back in the 40's brutally made fun of and referred to us as "little brown monkeys". It was agitating, really. The ironic thing was, although it was David Fagen, an Afro-American-- together with his same-color comrades-- who helped us fight our war back in the 40's, we-- the little brown monkeys, are the ones who are now racially discriminatory against the black. It sort of reminded me of the short animated film, Zero, only it didn't end with a happy ever after. But who was i kidding? We belong to a world where beauty is dictated by skin color and fair-skinned daddies abandon their ebony babies. Charaught. Ayayay, dis shit should hit big screens nationwide


Three days after David F., i got to see my final film for this year's festival *sob*

Babagwa| A-
First of all, i suck ducks for missing the first forty minutes of dis shit. Believe me, i still hate myself for it. Anyway, the bit i didn't like much about this one was that there were lots of unnecessary scenes. The ending was something everyone would have looked forward to, pero keri lang, maganda naman yung pagka-execute. Irrelevant shit lang, pero through this film, i figured that i am one to get easily attracted to guys with limp eyelids (hi baby Alex! hihi), and that Joey freakin Paras is a freakin awesome artist! *luhod*

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