2014 March 31

Today I shall present how tucked up my makeshift planners are. 

The past two months have been very hectic. Butt I wouldn't say that they've been mean to me. Nevermind the pressure of trying to work things out with very little time and with very little resources-- the feeling of getting shtuff over with (and in succession!!!) is terribly INTOXICATING DESU!

There's no reason for an all-out celebration, however, as I have, as I had last year, failed another one of my major courses (and that is due to lack of initiative to work on a long-ass article report while there's still time, I swear). Butt! Miserable is the last thing I'm feeling right now. That shit might have ruffled my victory feathers, but I'll make sure that that sick fuck kisses my butt next year /insert disgusting cackles here

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