Little Sammy

Last night, Sam died.

I was summoned by Mama to, err, let the dog see me for the last time? Ewan ko. Basta when I went out to check, Sam was already lying down sa garahe. He was still breathing, para ngang nagpapahinga lang eh. A few minutes later, he started stretching. Tapos wala na.

I think he's too young to die. Rock on, hipster dog! Sammy here has not yet tried humping with female canines (see, Churro humped him once thinking Sammy was a she).

Ewan. That dog was the reason why I can't go out wearing a decent pair of slippers. Laging nagngangatngat eh. Two days ago, he massacred Jill's purple pair of Banana Peels.

We're kind of aggravated by his display of behavior... sino ba namang hindi? Pero I swear, if you get to know him, if you pet him right, you'll see how, er, cute he is. He craves for attention. Always does. I-pet ko lang ng sandali si Churro, gusto niya na agad.

Now I wonder if there ever was a time na na-satisfy ko yung craving niya. He's too magalaw kasi so I find it hard to pet him. Tapos gusto lagi nandidila. Boo, dog! Kinakain na tuloy ako ng guilt.

We'll miss you. I miss you. Dalawa nalang tuloy kumakain ng hard-boiled egg yolks ko. Huhu. Hope you enjoy tsinelas paradise.

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