Circus runway

2013 Feb 05
New Earth World Superclub
Balibago, Angeles City

Last Tuesday February 5th, UP Business Management Society's La Fashionista 2013 was held. This years theme was carnival-esque jazz

I wasn't able to enjoy much of it because our confraternity entered the freakin contest and i was chosen as lé designer, so i had to fly off to the backstage every now and then. I was almost tempted to take off my shittin shoez ugh but that's fine i guess because i think this jazz is turning me into a lady yihee

I was a winged creature back then and i was all over the place, so i think this shit had some perks and so i guess that sort of offsets my freaking out from time to time and my having a hard time with the pair of stilettos (yihee stilettos) i was wearing dat night. I was able to take photos kahit saan because i was fucking flying woo hoo

And yes this is another one of those photo dumps

Here's ΠΣ-ΠΣΔ confraternity's Jay Zantua in his ringmaster-esque org wear. Isn't he pretty or what.

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Rad dancers, those folks from BMS are

SMN's Eunice Fe! Hihi

BM freshies's Albie Insert Surname Here is brimming with charisma... siya lang kaya talaga yung may sariling lakad

Backstage with my fuckner, Kiyoko yihee. That man kept on seducing me insert boner here

Jay in his 2nd theme wear! Unfortunately i decided to delete all photos i have taken of his 1st theme wear kasi dat theme wear jazz was so white it was gobbling up all ze limelight ugh

SMN's fashion innov

Behold, the power of staple wires! Pi sig's fashion innov hihi

Sigmans, deltans, and kim c

When i got off the runway (yep i walked on it too yihee sadface) i saw my ex-dormmates and so i decided to stick with them yihee

Milcah's fancy booties

Lyka was wearing this polka-dotted jazz and i really think she would have won dat fashionista of the night award if only mark and sot spotted her

Pi sigma - pi sigma delta confraternity! Yihee

We didn't win anything, so i hope everybody had a great night. I sort of did, kaso i get conscious about my tummy from time to time that night so i sort of didn't

After the awarding ceremony, BMS CEO Roy gave his speech. Kaso it was not that tear-jerking. I was looking forward to super salty faces but no i did not get what i was looking forward to. That was okay, i guess.

Then the DJs started disc-jockeying

Then played the inevitable oppa gangnam style or whatever


When will people get tired of dat shit?

Rich and jen and kums and me

Gela looked fantastic that night! Too bad my camera's macro features bitched out

Tau gamma's anzel batacan

Backstage with lian. Onti nalang magpa-pi sig na siya huhu please

UP naming mahal insert the rest of ze lyrics here

Reneé, BMS' graphic artist

UP AES' Irina Palo snagged UP's female fashion icon award. Dat pretty thang

UP Hijos' JC Naguit's portrayal of a ventriloquist

UP Lakan: Ate Ranelle

APO: Elaine

UP Psych Soc: Jess

My first runway, er, run


Me and clarence and ivy-- yihee housemates

John and sot yihee

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