Kalandian: Ang Tagal Naman

So, what's with this piece, eh? 

I'm kind of exclusively dating this guy every summer for three years now. There never were an "us", but hey, I don't know, maybe I prefer it that way. I just don't know about him. Efforts for there to be an official something between us were exerted by him, pero I won't let it happen. Maybe I'm scared of commitment or something. Basta. I just prefer it this way. Open relationship-ish.

Back to the piece now, eh? Let's not stray off and let's avoid further kalandian na din. Okay, so medyo may kalandian. Actually malandi nga. So here goes.

Girls, don't you just hate it when the guy you like replies really mabagal-ly? Well I friggin' do. Kaso ayoko aminin, tunog desperado eh. Haha.

Ayoko na. Pure kalandian lang talaga eh. Kbye.

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