Easter drumbeats

Don't question my faith, I'm not even sure if I still have one.

Happy Easter, folks. The Savior is alive. Again. Happened last year, didn't it? And the year before that. And the year before those. Oh, you get the idea. Don't take this as a ridicule of religious festivities-- I'm merely pointing out the gist of whatever we're doing for the past centuries. I mean, are we not getting tired? Every year, we grieve the death of an Icon who we know for sure will rise again in exactly three days. Parang joke time lang kasi eh. I really don't get it. Experts, enlighten me.

Let's move on. I am not here to spark a solid-Christians-kami uprising against me anyway.

Yan. Putting aside le state of confusion I am in as to whether there really is a superior being or not, I decided to join the annual Salubong. Why, you ask. Have you not just told us that you're confused about your faith, you ask. Well, I've got other reasons to join the Salubong. First, I get to reunite with old friends (in guise of my real mission: to scan the surroundings for boyfriend-material-slash-pwede-na guys). Second, I get to experience the Easter drumbeats.

Easter drumbeats. What are they master, you ask. Dear Padawan (yeah baby I'm a friggin' Jedi Master now), this set of beats is the most bizarre part of the Salubong. I don't know eh, but ever since I'm little, whenever I hear these drumbeats past four in the morning, I get attracted to it. As moths are attracted to light. Joke. Ditch the simile, I'm not amused either. Move along.

Again, when I was still little, whenever I hear these drumbeats, I'd get out of the bed tapos direcho sa window. Shit, man. Alam mo yung feeling na you're transported to another world? Or something. Basta! Teka kuha lang akong thesaurus para ma-describe yung nafi-feel ko tuwing naririnig ko yung drumbeats na yon. Amusing, chancy, chimerical, comical, erratic, fantastic, funny, odd, peculiar, quaint, queer, quizzical, unusual, wayward, weird, whimsical. And let us not forget: magical.

I don't know about your parish, pero ours have these drumbeats matagal na. Consistent, pards. Basta. Napaka-surreal. Unexplainable eh. If this was the church's way of attracting mass goers, then holy mother of cows, it's friggin' effective!

Have you guys ever experienced the Easter drumbeats?

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