Procrastination defenestration

Since I won't be able to do my thing in Pampanga due to the fact that I cannot attend summer classes since the ones I need to take up slash catch up to are not offered this summer, I'll at least try my best to avoid being eaten alive by idleness. Yeah, screw budget cuts.

Friends, Gallifreyan Time Lords, fellow Jedi Knights, and young Padawans, I present to you a list of activities that I expect will help me fight off summer boredom, with or without a light saber. May the Force be with me.
  • (In Progress) Develop my DoTA-playing skills. How? By practicing more of course! Gah ano pa ba. There's this guy kasi who's dying to duel with me even though he knows na I'm totally waley pagdating sa DoTA. Actually, pagdating sa ladder games for that matter. Anyway. Whoever loses daw has to do a favor for the winning party. I just hope na I'll be the equivalent of five insane parties when the time comes. Let's give the kid a chance.
  • (In Progress) Mess up my otherwise clean sketchpad. No. Actually, I bought the thing para gawing ala-placard 'pag may gigs. Para I can scribble down "May I have dat hot guitar pick of yours pretty please". Pwede ring pang-landi ng band member para maging groupie para free entrance sa upcoming gigs or something. But then I figured that this genius idea of mine might not be that practical since I spend most of my time (majority of the year, rather) sa Pampanga. Them musicians I'm into only play in Manila. Shitty, eh? So anyway I've decided to put fancy artsy shit on dat sexy sketchpad of mine nalang. And guess what, I already am succeeding with Fate of the Sexy Sketchpad II. Maybe I'll post some (or all-- since onti lang din naman) of them works here or there or somewhere in the cyberworld (besides deviantArt) right before the resumption of classes. Pa-impress lang. Haha.
  • Finish dat film I promised Monica for her birthday. Like a long long loooong time ago. When she turned eighteen October last year, I gave her a set of eighteen trinkets kasi nga I'm broke. Kaya trinkets lang. Included in the set was this sorry little piece of patapon gift wrapper that claimed to be a redeem coupon for a short film. Yep, you heard that right dear Padawans (ha! Told you I'm a Jedi Knight), a short film. I was going to make her star in it, kaso we never get to hang out for long periods of, well, time kasi nga we both are busy. So siguro animation nalang. So good luck Tralaley, hope you finish dat sexy film on time. And by sexy I do not mean to say na I'm going to shoot porn. Sexy kasi sexy ang magpro-produce. Oh stop it you. You flatter yourself too much.
  • (Urgent) Master basic Physics, Chemistry, and Astronomy. In short, master le topics that fall under Nat Sci 1 so that I won't have to fail. Again. I've already been diagnosed with a life-threatening disease, so let us not further shorten my life span by adding pressure to my puso and my utak. Heard that right, folks. Eh kasi naman, do you Padawans know how it feels like to have your professor randomly select a student (ala fish bowl method) to recite in class? And oh, have I mentioned how difficult it is to search your neural bundle for something it doesn't even contain, heart ready to explode at anytime? Friends, let me introduce you to the lovely Professor Sharon Manalac. She makes kids' hearts beat at a rate almost similar to that of the speed of light.
  • Culture my cooking skillz. I don't want my future children to feast on pizza and instant noodles for the rest of their I-still-live-with-my-parents life. Of course, on the assumption that I may actually be having children in the future. Forever alone~
  • Look for decent bandmates to finally achieve my  as-old-as-time dream of being a friggin' rockstar (yeah well good luck with that). Lookie here, muggle, my sister is already a member of three different bands in her school and she didn't even anticipate being in a band before entering college. Ako? Huhu. A bucket of failure. I've been dreaming to have one ever since I joined the jumping jologs movement back in high school. /wrist
  • Develop an internal bond with the dogs, the hamster (Moriarty), the fish, and the neighbors' dogs. Probably with the roaches and other pests residing in here as well (so, well, you know, they won't pester me anymore). This way, I might get to convince them to take baths regularly and maybe stop being annoying most of the time.
  • Finish reading Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's works. At least before Moffat releases another episode of BBC's Sherlock! Jeezfuck I'm so dying to see another. Give it to me baby! Bitch I'm ready.
  • (In Progress) Get a summer job. Or at least maintain it. Assuming that doing schoolworks for other people (those in school for their master's degree, to be specific) is a "job", then folks, I have a job! The only problem I'm facing right now is the lack of, er, clients. The only clients I have are the members of my mom's class.

So far, these are the ones who made it to the list. Cheers to productivity!

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  1. I want to be in your band! I also want to be your ala-Rockstar friend that will make music with you! If you don't mind, I also want to be the vocalist of your band. I'm sure that my that-good-of-a-voice will take us to Arizona to meet The Maine.


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