A zombie outbreak survival story

I FINALLY HAD THE CHANCE TO PARTICIPATE IN AN OUTBREAK MANILA EVENT last Saturday April 13tHkadjfklasdjfaksj lajfkladjkladj! It was held in Bonifacio Global City and and and

Zombie picket!!! Cheats

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Running buddies foreva yihee

Angas ng hair ko dito (sana ganto nalang foreva)

The rest my running team!!! (See: Neon blaze / City haze)

One of the best perks: FREE PIZZA! (kahit kasama talaga sa bayad lol)

Upon arriving, Charlene and i were given three life flags and we’re supposed to protect at least one by the end of the race!!! We then went strolling for the freebies and stuff. Some booths give runners free life flags if you buy their product (so Charlene and i bought three pairs of BioFresh socks in Market Market just to sort of secure our victory lol)

Costumes were encouraged, so i came as an Indian! Charlene wasn’t able to bring anything to change into, and i think it is a good thing that i brought my face paint with me (although tinatamad ako). I was going to use it for Indian-esque purposes anyway

We had to wait until runners of the 7th wave were called to. So we waited and we were finally asked to assemble. There were three tents at the starting point: one for the fast runners, another for the medium-paced runners, and another one for the slow runners. I was thrilled at how these people named the tents after lunch courses!!! I forgot how they named the fast and medium-paced runners’ tent, but they labelled the one for the medyo slow folks, “desserts” oha

At first you’d think that the walkers weren’t much of a problem since there were a lot of runners (a whole lot slower than us hehe main concern) for them to feast on, but at some point you’d realize that you’re running with only a very small group of people nalang so you’d really be forced to sprint if you don’t want any walkers to get their hands on your life flags. In my case, i had to stop from time to time because i had to wait for Charlene to catch up. It was a good thing, though. Every time i waited for her i got to rest my hot bod. Panting all the way wouldn’t do anyone any good anyway

During the first half i was still bouncing and so i kept on running even though i was not in a group. I LEARNED NOT TO STRAY AWAY FROM A GROUP THE HARD WAY. There was a point when i ran into a bend AND GOT CORNERED BY 8-10 WALKERS!!! I was the sun and they were the planets chos. I have then observed that they were only allowed to travel a certain “line”, so i moved towards the walkers' circle so i could safely wait for a group of runners to "pick me up" runners. Thinking i was already safe, I STARTED TAUNTING THE WALKERS. I then realized that i got it all wrong and that i made a very, very lame move! THEY ALL STARTED MOVING IN TOWARDS ME AND I DID NOT KNOW WHAT TO DO NEXT!!! Though they were moving very slowly, i swear i had an extremely hard time escaping them since THEY WERE STANDING A METER OR LESS AWAY FROM EACH OTHER AND THERE PRACTICALLY WAS NOWHERE ELSE TO RUN!!! So i took my chances and WENT THE FUCK BACK because i figured that i’d have a super low chance of surviving if i went further without a group BECAUSE THERE WAS ANOTHER GROUP OF WALKERS WAITING TO MUNCH ON MY FREAKIN LIFE FLAGS (you know, if i went further)! I had to go back. That was the only way (chos ang drama). I hope they all remember me, though, BECAUSE I GOT AWAY WITHOUT A SCRATCH (i think) AND I GOT AWAY WITH ALL MY LIFE FLAGS STILL ON!!! Am i not the coolest dude yet?

The walkers had superb props! There was a headless lady with her head in her hands, a Freddy Krueger-ish dude who i think chases after runners? I saw him do it once, i swear! Then there was this pregnant lady whose face looked so very Kokey-ish because of the swelling (i think it was because of the swelling make-up thingy). To me those were the most remarkable ones. There might have been costumes and make-ups that were more remarkable, but i think i might have gotten too scared or maybe too busy to run for my life to even take the time to adore all the artsy fartsiness

WHEN IT COMES TO WALKER ACTION, most walkers (i think) would be too lazy to or too slow or too forgiving to go after the runners’ flags. However, there were those who would actually run and chase after the runners and it freaks the hell out of everyone! Then there were also those who would SILENTLY RUN ALONG THE RUNNERS GRABBING ALL THE LIFE FLAG LOOT THEY CAN GET! Also, runners were not allowed to talk to or take pictures with the walkers, but screw rules, right?

Majority of the walkers were speaking in conyo (sorry but i think that THAT was pretty cool)

Tents filled with walkers were set up, and these tents were the ones that usually contain the more scarily-looking walker folks. A group of runners started crowding the entrance at the first tent so that there would be a huge enough group for a mild stampede to materialize AND I THINK THAT THIS WAS THE STRATEGY OUTBREAK RUNNERS SHOULD STICK TO FOREVER. Think about it! There would only be a VERY LOW number of casualties if people stuck to that strategy! Is that not what we were after?

By the end of the race i only had ONE LIFE FLAG STUCK TO ME and i’m very grateful that i got to keep one! If by the end of the race kasi you do not have any flags left, you won’t be awarded a finishing medal and i think that sucks. Although it’s a pretty cool rule to keep the survival spirit rocking in each of the runners, i still sort of felt bad for those who finished with nothing but a loot bag and loads of consumable freebies. BUT WE ALL HAD FUN SO WHAT’S THE POINT IN CRYING ABOUT MEDALS, EH?

(Sorry haba saya ko eh)

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