April 12

Mum turns 51 today, and since she has been asking me to draw her, here it issss. Too bad she does not know that i, er, blog (or whatever)

Also, we went to Eastwood to celebrate her birthday. We hanged out at Something Fishy where we enjoyed a buffet of (drumroll please) seafood!!! Wow kagulat

Unfortunately the only time i've been to a buffet was that time we had breakfast at Disneyland Hotel in Hong Kong, so i do not really have the license to judge what this place has to offer jalsdfja but i think that the options were great? Pero i also think that it was a little too pricey

So i wouldn't really recommend it at all. According to my sister she has just been to another buffet a week back and that there were more dishes to choose from doon


Happy birthday mum (hihi feeling British forever sorry)

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