Ever since Joffrey Baratheon proved how much of a retarded king he was, i started hating everything about him. I found flaws in his face and in his chin and in his tiny body and i just wanted him to die

But then i saw this

And i thought that IT WAS REALLY STUPID OF ME TO THINK THAT AN ON-SCREEN FACE WOULD HAVE NO OFF-SCREEN PERSONA wtf self. I was too carried away by Game of Thrones that i forgot that these people live a far more different life off-camera. HOW THE FUCK COULD I? Huhu neither do i know.

He’s human. So i looked him up on Wikipedia and found out that
  • This dude’s 20 freakin years old!!! He looked 12 in the series wow
  • Albeit playing only a minor role, HE WAS IN BATMAN MOTHERFLIPPIN BEGINS
  • Aaaand he’s putting his acting career on hold as soon as GOT is over
  • Because after that he’s pursuing an academic career
  • Unf

While I’m searching for more images of him, Google suggested that i look up JACK GLEESON SHIRTLESS too wtf

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