Triple decker

15 December 2013
CBTL, Gateway

Being the impulsive fuck that I am, I went on a date with Mocs besides having too much stuff on my hands. Earlier that day I decided that I’d really get my BM 126 report over with. That, plus having to worry about what I’d wear for the grad shoot. I was as surprised as I was disappointed at how I still managed to procrastinate even in the most critical of times.

I shit you not, it was really nice to have exchanged stories with Mocs since it has been a while since we’ve last seen each other. It’s a bomb though that each of us wasn’t at all absorbing the feels of one another. One was up in the clouds while the other was doing her best to endure negation. It sucked that we were offsetting each other’s chords, that we were not engulfed in one common atmosphere.

That is sadly another reason why going on a date that day felt so wrong.

I wouldn’t say though that it was a wreck.

On the bright side of things I got in touch with Monica again! And even though when Gorby came he came along with his own burdens, for some reason we were all happy! Half the time we were submerged in laughter. I felt free!

Thank you, guys! Thank you, Mocs!

Insert smiley here, period. 

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