I was supposed to meet Charlene at Gateway last Saturday (October 20)-- we had set the call time at 1pm so that we could be all artsy and craftsy and finish the Indian head bands together. Unfortunately for me, Charlene had to attend to her football match which lasted until the Juniors game was over.

In short, I watched the Juniors game by myself. I got bored since I've got no one to talk to so I (as usual) pulled out my sketch notebook and started, er, sketching. I just hope I did not bother the couple sitting behind me because if ever I was in their place and someone sitting in front of me started minding some other business aside from focusing on the game, I'd be fucking pissed. Sorry, guys. You look cute together, though.

The seats I reserved were the ones closest to the railings, so I guess my being such an early bird got us somewhere after all! I even thought that we got to enjoy the game more than those standing at the back of the Upper A seats below us. Super sulit! Wuzzah!

I found it kind of sad that everyone is actually moving on. The junior players I have known have already graduated and I barely know who this season's athletes are. I also find it funny how I get to be older than them! I have so many things to get used to.

I'm very, very afraid of the day when I'll be a nobody to my Alma Mater. I do not want my old teachers to forget me, and as much as possible, I want to get keep my roots super deeply embedded in my former school.

However, there will have to be a time when all my connections to San Beda will be cut. Reality sucks. It super sucks. So does time. I hate this.

I just hope my high school friends and I keep on getting in touch with each other 'til forever. Chos.

Sea of Red under construction
Jump shot
Letrad pep squad pumping up the crowd for the much awaited Seniors game!
Finally. The Sea of Red! Wuzzah!

Game buddies, Charlene and Jod
One of the things I was really dilly looking forward to in this game were the Little Indians! Unfortunately, they did not show up. Siguro they have foreseen our loss. And no, that bunch of male cheerleaders did not make up for it! I WAS LOOKING FORWARD TO THE KIDS, GOD DAMN IT

Letran was in the lead 'til the 3rd quarter
What I really missed about watching these games back then were (weh, parang ang tagal na eh haha) the game rituals! One of them was the Bedan Wave! I'm pretty sure our rivals would get super duper jelly whenever we start doing THE wave. It's not the feeling of fun I'm after whenever I participate in this kinds of activities, I'm all about the unity! Grabe lungs kasi

Another thing that fascinates me is how Bedans would instinctively stand up and chant and pop clap their hands whenever the drums started rocking the Indian Yell! HOLY FUCKING SHIT I MISSED THE UMPA!

The Bedan Wave
Catching up

Up for Game 3? :)
Holy crap I missed singing the Bedan Hymn!
With Mocs, my katulong
Freeloading =)))) kasi poorita na hahaha

Hit the jump for the photo dump

By morning I had to accompany Monica when she takes her anti-rabies shots (kasi she was bitten by Churro woohoo)

When I say early bird, I meant early bird.

Parang ang landi ng dating. Boooo!

Lost the totoy look

I just wanta be on the beach. Sunburn!
Jod (Non-verbatim): Parang nag-iba sa Monica. Naging hot!

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