Monicat: España Birthdate Ambush!

Sunday night, I was in a three-way line with Monica and Hannah. A birthday date to celebrate Mocs' turning 19 was arranged and we agreed to meet each other the next day (October 8). Complications arose and unfortunately Hannah did not make it (my fault mostly.. and Globe's!). I'm so very globbin' sorry for being one hell of an evil folk sometimes, okay? :-(

I was already at Mendiola to pick Monica up so there was no way I'd have it postponed-- anyone who has ever rode the LRT knows how much of a hassle it is to acquire an LRT pass 'no! Also, we have not (Mocs and I) been going on Pancake Sundates recently since (I guess) we were too busy with schoolwork.

Mocs made a decision to celebrate with our UST chums instead so we went there without knowing that this week was their finals week! Luckily we're talking about impulsive freaks here so they agreed to go on an impromptu date while trying to make it through their finals woohoo

Kit was taking a quiz at the time so we met up with Char first. We had her for only a super short period of time because she still has to take an exam. I am not sure if I should be glad that she still is the same petiks Char back in high school. Didn't learn a thing about cramming, this loon (yeah, as if anybody would)...

Not far from Char's building, we spotted this lone armchair. I was sorta freaked out by the fact that it was sitting and rotting in the middle of nowhere-- it looked so out of place! Yet, putting aside the possibility that it is haunted by the souls of those who died via acads, I saw this as a photo op and forced Monica to sit on it so that I could have her picture taken. It was kind of embarrassing with all those eyes on us, pero carry lungs, it was Monica who was sitting, not I.

Paalam dignidad, uttered Mocs. k

After abducting Kit, we flew over to the multi-deck car park for a bite. We ate at BonChon Chicken... Monica's treat! By this time, I decided to give my birthday present to her. She instructed Kit to take care of it then she went off to the counter to get us something to munch on.

Kit started stripping off the wrap tapos she read my birthday letter to Mocs. Wow ha, happy birthday Kit! Hahaha.

I got Monica a copy of Ang Ikaklit sa Aming Hardin by Bernadette Villanueva Neri. I was glad to have read about it here a few weeks back. Ang galing nga sa timing eh, Monica was about to celebrate her birthday when the author put this up woohoo!

It was a children's book, actually. It was banned from your usual bookstores because it is about a girl who has two mums. I got it a week ago from UP Press and was then dying to give it to Mocs, because yes, she's gay.

Waiting for our food na lalong sasarap kasi libre hohoho
Always the cheesy type, Mocs made Kit and I write her letters on napkins. Chos.
We had nothing else to do, so we went cam whoring. The local tigers must have been fond of seeing visitors getting their photos taken so we did not have to worry about the death of our dignities hahaha

Boob grab time!

"Where's the... oh" HAHAHA

We then headed to the plaza to see Piolo (he's got his face hacked onto one of the newly erected statues). I took a picture of him but it was so low-Q I had to delete it hahahahuhu. Also, we had dirty ice cream! It was too pricey for its kind (P10/cone) but Monica was there to shoulder it again woohoo!

We figured we had nothing else to do so we went to Kit's flat. It was a jungle of books, dirty laundry, memos, panties, and brassieres out there... dorm na dorm! If it were not for the wild undergarments, one would have the idea that men reside in that flat hahaha!

Took a lot of sabaw / derp shots!

I do not know what to make of our expression hahahahahahahahahaha
Char joined us after and we did lots of things like catching up and playing pusoy dos and sharing super unwholesome tales and holding a how-to-play-tong-it seminar and catching up more and watching Monica worry about her project, et cetera.

Eventually we all yearned for pizza so Mocs and I had to fly to the nearest Pizza Hut. It was super layo and it was getting dark so Monica and I had to run! Really, we ran. Twist? We held hands while running! We felt infinite. Chos. Sorry, I really felt the wind against us that night so I had to insert something so mushy.

Random fact: Monica moans like a cat.

Pizza delivery boys

Then came the time when we had to adjourn (because Monica still had to deal with that video assignment thingamajig and Mum keeps asking me where I am na). It was a standard operating procedure for us to to take photo booth photos every time we're together-- a tradition that started two years ago (wala lungs, share lungs). Ang saya eh, try niyo! Hahaha k

Hit the jump for the photo dump!

Has been five months since we last saw each other so don't judge us hahaha

Signed by the author! Woohoo! And just recently! (August 16, 2012)












Post-madramang takbo shot

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