By Friday morning (October 19) I was already freakin out since NCAA Finals: San Beda vs. Letran (Game 2) will be held the day after so I immediately asked Charlene to go out with me and get some!

So we got some!

Unfortunately for us, Upper A seat tickets (and further front) were sold out :(
Woohoo for another spontaneous date! We were super clueless as to what to do next, so we decided to just think about it while having lunch.

Then came the void.

I pulled out my sketch notebook to maybe incite Charlene to draw too. If you were from UP Clark, you could prolly make out whose face this is. Sorry to creep you out, but I'm girl-crushing on her for months now muhahahaha

Booth time!

Guess what? My move was super effective! She scanned my phone, found a photo of me (this one's taken by Yna back before the term break k), then started sketching away.

Wendy from Wendy's (you don't say)
I then remembered that I was planning to go for the medyo Indian look for the game, so Charlene and I decided to hunt for some feathers in Divisoria. One of the security guardess from the 168 Mall told us that we can find props-y slash novelty stuff from Tabora Street.

And holy smokes I think I just found home. Tabora was such a super duper lovely street! Although it was super packed with shoppers and vendors, I had fun squeezing through them all! Funky party / special eventzzzz thingamajigs were being sold!

Ah, Tabora. Maybe I'd name my child after you. Hahaha!


Hit the jump for the photo dump

All the while I was trying to enhance my food photography skillz muhahaha

Dropped by National Bookstore so she could formally (?) start her sketching career
Found Jake the Dog along Betty Go-Belmonte Station!

Sketching strangers
Who won't admire my being undaunted? Lakas maglabas ng camera in Divisoria eh

K-Drama buff

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