October's a Bitch

--kicking me right in the face with its shit-stained studded booties as if what I dealt with for the latter half of September was not yet enough.

Boo-boos in bullets!
  • I only got 30 items right (out of sixty) for the multiple choice part of our Econ 102 exam and I won't be expecting any more from the problem-solving portion since I was not able to solve any
  • I was awake for 24 hours last Wednesday because I had to review for two exams I'd be taking the day after that but my physician stressed that I should not get myself super tired unless I wanted my Lupus to be active again. It paid off though, my studying (yippity).
  • I binged on Wednesday (pizza!) then on Thursday (McDo!) then on Friday (KFC!) woohoo
  • I did not exercise much this week and I'm using my studying to justify it (lame!)
  • I got my flabs back
  • My wallet grew skinnier
  • I realized that I had to get a score of 90 to pass Econ 102 (insert super duper sad face here)
This is a photo of me crying
I did my best to fend off the bad vibes, though! (so the photo dump commences haha)

OCT 04
I attended our confraternity's GA (which I kept missing lately) last Thursday because I missed my kapatids! And the funds missed them too (I'm sort of their bursar)-- like super, might I add! All our boys were there, too (yes we've only got three). Also, they stopped counting me as a brod and I do not know if I should feel happy about it or not. Could I be exposing too much of myself wearing dresses in public? Could I have... finally lost all of my remaining machismo? Noooo!


I hanged out with Kiyoko until it was time for me to take my last exam for that day so I had to leave her. Kiyoko's super good at distracting people so I was not able to review well. She's not the annoying kind, though (that or I was just being biased because she's one of my favorite people in UP hahahaha yihee).


Yna and I made plans to ride the Storyland train for a brief "mall tour" that day (chos) so we decided we'd meet at SM Clark na-lungs. I saw her at the food court with David and Josh. Apparently, she also made plans to hang out with them. As I busy myself that afternoon playing Patapon 2 on David's PSP while waiting for them to decide what the next move will be, Dar came! Turned out Yna made plans of watching Hotel Transylvania with her! Filthy, filthy thing! Rawr

And so, a band of coolios unlikely to be seen together was born! Our game plan went like this:
  • Eat popcorn
  • Ride the Storyland train
  • Watch Hotel Transylvania

Of those listed above, we were able to accomplish none because everyone was so indecisive! Hahaha. Even deciding on which place to eat at ate up so much of our time... among our choices were Tokyo Tokyo, McDonald's, KFC, and Mang Inasal. David decided to do some coin tossing just so we could arrive at one "decision". The coin picked Tokyo Tokyo, but we went over to McDonald's anyway. These people are crazy.



At McDonald's, Josh told us that back when he was in high school, he was in the same class with one of his male cousins. Their classmates would then keep if asking them if they love each other! They can't respond-- the question was double-edged! If they'd said yes, it'd sound gay. If they'd said no, they'd sound rude because they are, well, cousins. Now what answer should one respond with? Dami 'kong tawa eh :'-)

And so began the Ikaw ________, mahal mo ba si ________? war! Issues dating back to the Jurassic era were re-opened and medyo nagka-personalan (in a harmless way).


OCT 05
So this is Shai encouraging me to study for Philo (as I hopelessly chose to go bloghopping instead) while forcing me to take pictures slash chat with her. Crazy woman, what do you really want me to do?

By Friday, we had a super fun discussion in Philo! Our discussion was about death penalty and animal rights. As usual, Prof. Canlas executed everything well! He'll always be my favorite professor (I guess he's everybody else's favorite hahaha).

  • Philippines has lots of monkey farms. In fact, we have one in Congress.
  • Why not use prisoners to be penalized by death for biomedical research? i.e. Lahat ng may hypertension, pumila na!

Our trip to Main Gate was fun, too. Ewan. Lagi naman eh. Hahaha.

Dan always puts "porn" on my arms (or any of my easily-accessible body parts for that matter).

Apparently my camera has focusing issues. I still love this retard, though.

Atan so gwapo hahahaha

Forever Alone

I went with Rich and Kums and Dan to SM Clark that night to have dinner and buy supplies for our event in February (it is sort of a major event so we had to prepare early).

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