The first semester has finally ended! Woohoo! There is no point in celebrating, though. I am expecting super low marks for this term. I am afraid I did not push hard enough. So yeah. Screw me.

Of course, besides the failing marks I'll eventually receive when I get to collect my class cards, I still deserve some kind of reward. This week had been very exhausting! Well, okay. Not really. I just want to ride the bandwagon of the drained so--

I spent three days in Angeles. Because I can.

October 16

It's the last day for this term. Sexy Econ 102 folks (that includes me) had taken their final exam. I needed a mark of 90+ to pass the course, but I found the questions super fucking hard. They were dancing in front of me. Everything was dancing, actually. I was not able to sleep the night before to give way to some reviewing, so some time during the exam, I drifted off to dreamland. Wuzzah! :|

This is me killing Yra for making David and I wait for four hours.
I did not want to go back to my flat just yet, so I decided to spend the rest of the day lurking around SM Clark. Apparently, David had plans to go on a date with Yna and Yra that afternoon, so I decided to come to.

Yna was asleep at her flat so she could not come. Boo! Tapos Yra kept us waiting for so long, David and I got so bored we had to unleash our inner Van Goghs just to stay alive. Wuzzah!

David's piece
My piece turned out to be a blue monster so I decided not to show it off anyway ha ha ha ha
Finally, we decided to hunt for the little witch-- all because we were so bored. We found her strolling around with her blockmates near Comic Alley.

Then we killed her. We had to.

Tokyo! Tokyo!
This is me eating veggies so please show this photo to my mum okay

October 17

David and I slept over at Yna and Yra's flat the night before. We were watching the latest episodes of Adventure Time when my eyes became super heavy that I decided to take over the top bunk of their double decker. By morning I found all three of them cramped at the lower bunk.

Because fuck yes, nobody is ever allowed to disturb the queen.

David went home soon after. I stayed and watched some more episodes. Suddenly, I remembered that I still had perishable goods fridge-d at my apartment, so we all decided to have lunch there. And. Eat. Everything.

Yna rescued almost a dozen eggs from rotting by turning them into cheese omelette woohoo
Obligatory kunyari-may-nagpipicture shot
Chicken lumpia rolls
Cheese na nilagyan ng egg lol
Pork thingamajig
Wafer stickz for dezzert!
We so very eager to eat that we decided not to wait for Rean and Yen and Cami any longer. Off to binging! Wuzzah!

James, Yna and Yra's friend from high school, decided he'd come over for no apparent reason.
Yna and I then decided we'd wanta hold a Hippie Party and so we started organizing! I mean, why not? The Flower Party was a success, right? Wuzzah!

This time, we decided to hold it thrice-- small, medium, and large scale. The small scale party will only be composed of those who were around during the Flower Party-- it will be some sort of a dry run for the real big thangz. For le medium scale one, we will be inviting select Iskos and Iskas-- only those hippie enough will be allowed in. The large scale one will be open for everybody, but this time it will be an income-generating event.

Right now we still are figuring out how to keep out those listed in the Ban List. Yes we can be witches sometimes. Ha ha ha.

I just hope this thing will be a success. Wala lungs. I just had to share hehehe

Then came Rean and Yen and Cami! Woohoo! We played a nice game of Bluff (awesome card game, by the way) before serving the newcomers dinner.

Now this is what I call food photography
Rean and Yen and Cami were really Yra's circle of friends, so Yna and I let them bond for a while. We tried watching some Adventure Time ep (where Magic Man dragged Jake into trouble, boo!), but the freaks were laughing and talking so loudly, we had to stop our watching escapade.

We played Bluff-- again. I was super good at bluffing! Really.

So yeah. That was how my semester ended. Here is a photo of Ynerz going derp.

Hit the jump for the photo dump

The awesomesauce authentic pirate sword David was holding belongs to me because Halloween is approaching but unfornately I left it at Yna and Yra's flat so no pirate sword for me for the break boohoohoo unless I get myself a new one but I do not have money na eh


Dan's stuff. Ang cheezy. Hehehe
Vienna by David


This us pretending to smoke not just some cigar but some badass weed.
We pretend to smoke weed sometimes.


Bagong-ligo yihee

Loner. He he

The details on my sword are oh-so sexy

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