Dahon pizza

13 Octopus 2013 
| Caffé Puccini 
| The Fort Strip Mall, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig 

Just recently my mum has acquired this habit of rummaging through Metro Deals thingamajigum. She'd bring us to random dining areas most people probably have not heard of yet. She and Monica are alike in the sense that the two of them are hipsta foodies. It is extremely a huge pleasure to be part of their food trips okayyyy 

This Sunday mum drove us to BGC to attend to her table reservation and inevitably got lost on the road thrice. Ha ha ha 

We had
  • 'The original' pizza Puccini (P525)
  • Grilled chicken and pesto panini (P345)
  • Spaghetti carbonara (P435) 

Tomatoes, mozzarella, sausage, prosciutto & arugula drizzled w/ balsamic reduction

Reading pizza Puccini's description gave me the impression that it didn't have any veggies on it. That, or my brain found it too long and thus a bit too tiresome to read and so chose not to. It sounded like a set of unfathomable Italian cuisine jargon, so yeah, better ignore it, right? Plus, I only thought of arugula as some sort of spice until the pizza was delivered to our table. I was actually surprised to see an army of leaves standing on their butts, and not taking the form of the usual drenched ones that conform to pizza surfaces. It frightened my brother, who chose to consume only one slice (or rather just half) of it

It was messy to eat without utensils (a normal human's normal way of eating a pizza) because the balsamic reduction kept on dripping down my hand

The crust was thin enough to give the Italian pizza experience, plus it had scary giant leaves on it. However, I hated that the cheese's presence didn't get applauded at all by my taste budz

No this is not a review

The panini was good, too. The chicken and the little dryness complemented the pizza, and because of that I'd like to proclaim my mum a pretty okay alchemist. I like that the thing didn't disassemble easily when we sliced it up. The spinach, though, gave it a pretty weird feel. That, or I'm just discovering that I'm not quite a big fan of spinach. The fun part was when the bread came off because the herbs had already colored it green, so it looked funny, but in a good cute way funny

The carbonara tasted like normal carbonara, only with bigger portions of ham. I thought it was too pricey for its serving size

My mum thinks that's the last time we'll ever eat there 

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