Unlikely unions

October 2-4 photo dump 
Because I only come to school three times a week. Ganun talaga 'pag Team D 

October 2 

Halloween's closing in, so here's a photo of some headless dude holding on to a potted plant. Don't ask me, i don't get it either

I win at scaring kids

Ignore dat disembodied head. Tingin sa black thing on the right side

Emphasis sa fine lines ni DJ hahahaha

October 3 

Yihee. Samana held a team building session. I had fun, really. We all did, i think. I mean, look at Jeriel


October 5 

SplitPic forevs. DJ yan eh

'Di pa kami ready k

Suddenly, Claire and Kitkat

*dude tries to enter frame*

Daryl's thing

Gantihan. Bitchy move, Dij

Wow kitang-kita ako

Hihi. I love that I get to hang out with different groups of people. I find it weird sometimes, and quite a bit lonely, but heck, I still get to hang out with different groups of people

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