Pancake junkie turns 20

October 26 
| Moc's bahay 
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Today, Monica turns 20

She is officially stripped off of her rights to the /teenager/ label. That doesn't mean that she's already totally an adult, tho. The interval between ages 18 and 21 is sort of like an internal limbo. One sort of sums up everything she has done so far and see to the end of it if the heavens are with her or against her, because in the end it'll be she who will be deciding on that

A bunch won't even get to exit that limbo. One might struggle so hard doing things that adults do (e.g. finding a job, moving into an apartment, staying sober, settling down, etc.) that so many things get stuck in hisher mind, making the getting-off-the-limbo part a bit difficult, leaving himher on a deadlock 

I find it quite scary, really. It is the period wherein huge character revamps may or may not happen. They most likely do, though, and they do so in so many aspects. Faces morph and minds get brighter and hearts get lighter, heavier. Apparently nothing ever stands still at this phase 

Don't get me wrong. I like change, a lot. I just hate having to face the number of ambiguities that come with it 

But then I lighten up whenever I get reminded that age is just a number. One can be a kid whenever she wants. Mind over matter, right? And so, since Monica's expected to become more of an adult (ewan) today, to maybe try to keep her mind off the stresses that will come with aging (nope u can't deny that bit), we threw her a medyo surprise kiddie party!

Medyo surprise because I've already asked her the day before if I can come over hahahaha fail

Hey Mocs I'd like to apologize for being such a lazy ass that day. We came over with a bunch of ingredients hoping that we'd get to prepare them before you wake up. But you woke up so much earlier than expected so the sloths in us got alive and kickin again. Thanks for cooking your own pancakes hahaha :( I hope you didn't get frustrated. If you did, remember that I risked getting my face hurt by probably-bitchy balloons

Dahlia's so hipster I found it sort of hard to swallow that she engages in mainstream stuff like taking selfies

I first bought and used candles of this kind last year. I've used them every time friends from college celebrate their birthdays. Since they're so cute and I'm so cheap and hefty, I only use one per celebration. I've never really tried using like twenty at once (i.e. what we did earlier) so I've never really knew that things would be super messy hahaha

The adorable spawns of Satan just won't go out so here's a clip on how to deal with unextinguishable-by-blowing-out candles:

Dila got into an accident the day prior to this but I hope she still got to enjoy herself hihi

We filled the balloons with air from our lungs and so never really expected them to fly to the ceiling but

Chubby bunny!

Got that idea off the people I'm subscribed to from YouTube. Thought it was fun. Survived like only four rounds of it hahaha

Monica the two-piece fairy

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  1. I thank the cosmos and all the gods for giving me you J. Sobrang swerte ko talaga sayo yihee


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