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19 Octopus 2013 
| Bahay 

The fact that my semester didn't end with a bang threw me in the dumps. I couldn't get my friends to eat out with me because they still had to review for their Econ 121 finals. Yesterday, Friday, I was supposed to attend a leadership seminar to sort of reward myself for all the efforts I've thrown in to this semester, but the thought of indulging myself in full-blown internet connection and infinite supply of food and pets and love and air conditioning at home took the best of me, abruptly ending my stay in Pampanga as early as Thursday (ya my departing sort of symbolized the end of things)

Up 'til yesterday I still felt so distressed. I'm not sure why, really. Such shitty feeling must have been triggered by an array of reasons

It could be that lately, I have not been seeing the familiar faces I've grown accustomed to for the past months around UP anymore. It was a sick sight. I didn't like how the rotting warehouse was reeking of strangers. It sucks to have to attend classes long after almost everyone has gone on to have vacation

It could also be that I'm very, very dissatisfied with my performance this sem. To be frank, this semester seemed to have just passed by me without making any particular mark on my heart guts. This semester I realized that taking EVERY class with strangers (who, by the way, have already made fortified social circles) is not at all fun nor healthy. Despite making a lot of new friends, it's still another thing to go through a course with those I can tip my old hat to. I miss Team D. I miss Shai. I miss being a regular student

It could also be that I misunderstood your actions and looked forward to reciprocity. But that's another story, I think

To flush all these away, I took an overly long nap as soon as I got back to Rizal. Woke up the day after

and did this. Just so my time off wouldn't be put to waste, I made a lot of lists including one that dictates what I shall do this break

It seems that the feeling of being home did me wonders. I got to recover a huge chunk of the good vibes I lost. I don't know. Maybe it was the lists

Also, I seem to have rediscovered my love for panoramas. Yes. Feeling ko tuloy-tuloy na 'tong flow of good vibes haha sana sana sana

Finally, just in, Sir Canlas (BM 161 dude, the one I was so worried about) posted this on Facebook, stating that it had no red marks on ittttt. I think I'm the only senior taking up BM in his class, so most likely ako yung naka-2.5 sa taas sana sana sana

Sir Canlas only accepts requests from students who already are through with his courses. He has just accepted my friend request just a few hours ago, which could mean that I won't have to retake his course next sem!!! Sana sana sana ulit

Ah. I have a little less than three weeks to restore myself back to an okay disposition, ready to get wrecked by the upcoming sem ulit yehey

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