For the past days I've been wandering 'round the vast cyberspace looking for stuff to indulge my senses in. It makes me really really really happy to see cool stuff floating about 

Or maybe that was just me trying to justify all the procrastinating I've been engaging in lately? I don't know. I'm enjoying myself. Shut up, school works. I'll cry about ya later 

And so here is a preview of my internet history log. (I just want to record awesome things down for future stress relief hihi) 

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(1) Lean Alejandro's letter to Prof. Rita Estrada 

I know I've shared this multiple times already, but it's really really worth sharing again and again because it's such an awesome read. It's very agitating and comforting and heartbreaking all at the same time. I don't know. We're not even supposed to read it, it was addressed only to one person. Imagine what his letters to other people could have contained 

I've only known Lean as a big-deal student activist. I've never really thought of him as a guy with a great sense of humor until I read this bit. Dammit he's a fire-bearing badass. May all his enemies burn 
Our situation here is like being held hostage by a bunch of juvenile delinquents with guns. For that matter, our country is being held at bay by a bunch of pre-puberty terrorists. It is grotesque to say the least. 

Reading this thing made me even more eager to read the LOTR series and know its universe more. Reading the last paragraph, however, threw me off guard. I've read it before, but reading it again gave me even, er, stronger chills 
I am getting another chance to revisit Beleriand. The War of the Rings is on. The Company has just lost Gandalf in Moria. And there is still such a long, long way to go. It is an adventure on an epic scale. And I am glad that it is an adventure that we both share, together with all the Free People of Middle Earth. 
But notwithstanding the glory of the Third Age, I am sure that you will agree with me when I say that the greatest adventure on earth today is our struggle for freedom. The pain and the sacrifice are staggering. The battles are historical. And the victory shall be truly glorious indeed.

Up 'til now I hate myself for missing the Lean  musical thingy that was held just a few weeks ago. I wish I wasn't broke all the time haha

(2) Upcoming book fairs (sort of)
via Rocket Kapre

Filipino Reader Con 2013 will be held on November 9th in Ateneo De Manila U Rizal Library. I'm looking forward to the small/self/indie publishers who will be selling their wares on the event. (I'm not trying to be hipsta here. I just don't enjoy belonging to a huge-ass fanbase of something. Also, folks that are not yet that big in their industry deserve a brighter spotlight, yeah?)

Visprint will be holding a Warehouse Sale on all Saturdays of October and I'm super excited to get my hands on my first Filipino comic books! (First... or so I believe.) I've seen previews of both Trese and Kulas somewhere in the cyberspace and I think that I'll learn a lot about comic-making (what... i.e. paneling) once I actually start intaking those materials (yeah sorry I really wanna do lots of stuff)

To be honest, I'm not a really a book junkie. I have, however, witnessed the glory that comes with finishing a book, and I am so very more than willing to experience it again /kilig

(3) Upcoming art events
via Art Pipe

  • Bonifacio@150 Gallery Exhibit at the UP Fine Arts. Runs October 8-24, College of Fine Arts, UP Diliman, in celebration of Boni's 150th birthday. Nope I'm so not missing this 
  • Dii Ex Machinis (Gods from Machines), a show by Joseph Valente. Runs October 5-24, 371 Art Space, The Collective, Makati
  • Headspace, a solo exhibit by Rob Cham. Prolly one of my favorite artists (if not solely my favorite) of all time because goddammit his works are reflections of every folk's heart guts. Runs October 5 to maybe until the 24th idk, Vinyl on Vinyl, The Collective, Makati

(4) Monkey's orchestra
on YouTube

(5) SCAD shorts
on YouTube

These are a bunch of videos I found to be a bit weird. They're fun to watch, really. You just have to open your mind I think

Other awesome stuff from that channel:

I won't even apologize for putting up all the items from their channel becauSE THEIR STUFF ARE LOADED WITH GENIUS

(6) NBSB (No Boyfriend Since Birth, Reese Lansangan cover) by one of the awesomest folks I know: myself lol
via SoundCloud

Reese's song prolly is one of the biggest earbugs I've had this year, and so to get this syndrome off me I decided to record it. So I won't have to sing it again. And again

Marvel at my awesomeness, human
(de joke lang)

(7) Jeremy Enecio's stuff
via his portfolio


(8) Interior design

A few weeks back I've started some sort of an inspirational tumblog. Aside from inspirational shit, put up in it are a bunch of stuff I might be employing in the future i.e. living spaces. Looking at it actually frustrates me. It makes me wish that I was more artistic and more sensitive when it comes to space and design. You can't imagine how badly I wanted to shift to an interior design course right now ugh




(9) Pure Bathing Culture - Dream The Dare (Official MV)
on YouTube

(10) A bunch of stuff from my YouTube subscription 

PewDiePie stuff
Dammit this man gets paid for playing and recording vids all day. What a life. And yeah, I actually watched so many of his previous vids 'til early morning today hahaha fun

CutiePieMarzia stuff
Stalking Pewds led me to his girlfriend's channel. She's so freakin adorable ugh

communitychannel stuff
Missed out on a bunch of her stuff, so

Surprise. I'm that faithful to YouTube

(11) Tarantino's Top 10 Films of 2013
via Miramax

(12) ButtPoems
via Tumblr

There’s this awesome dude on Tumblr. He makes songs and sings them. He also draws stuff, too. He’s another one of those folks who can seem to arrange people’s thoughts into illustrations and songs. Wow

I like him very much already. I don’t even know what he looks like

Shet ang dami aral na nga 'ko

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