Café Lidia

Howdy! Welcome to a segment of Juan Tralala Tries to Critic! Lol. Dry run lang 'to kasi baka seryosohin ko ang pagb-blog 'pag ako'y nasa working class na. Hahaha ilusyonada

Moving on.

In our household, Sunday is always pizza day. We (Jill and Jared and Mama and I) either go out to satisfy our cravings or just have them sexy things (yes pizza is fuckin sexy okay) delivered to our house.

Usually we go to Papa John's or Shakey's or Yellow Cab or Greenwich or Pizza Hut or Don Henrico's, but last Sunday Mum brought us to someplace different. Last Sunday we went to Café Lidia in Marikina.

One of the few pinaghirapang graffiti I have ever seen.

Medyo pa-ninja yung lugar, tago.

During the trip, Jared kept insisting that we dine at McDo's instead. Since we did not anyway, he was so full of bad vibes by the time we got to the café.

Jared, a.k.a. "Boy Bad Trip"

Jill the Feeling Redhead

The café had a really lovely interior (wow gumaganon). One would know that it used to be a residential unit after about a minute of getting a load of its structure. Cutesy vintage decor can be seen everywhere, pero I think that's kind of the trend with cafés nowadays (i.e. Café Noriter, Toll House, CBTL).

So I enjoyed the interior, okay. Unfortunately, the sight of a padlock at the corner of their WiFi ID made me kinda sad. Cafés would usually offer free WiFi-- well, clearly this one does not. I've nothing against it offering no WiFi, though (pero affected na affected naman hahaha).

Also, I got too used to using knives whenever we go out for pizza. Café Lidia, however, only place spoons and forks and napkins on their tables-- no knives huhu. Maybe they're trying to offer only those silverware Filipinos are most fond of using? Pero if they are how come their decors look imported? Bah whatever. I never got to use the silverware anyway aside from when I was taking in some Mozzarella Sticks (oo meron sila-- just like the other pizza places we go to woohoo!) since kinakamay ko lang yung pizza (oha mas Pinoy ang dating). Ang laking issue sakin ng knife, sorry.

When it comes to price, I think they're fair with setting their's. Thin crust pizzas (dahil wala namang thick) cost a little over Php 250 each, depending on which. Their cakes were priced at a level that can compete with eateries with larger names-- a slice of sansrival will cost you a glittering Php 90 (oo glittering dahil ako 'di ko afford at oo yung price lang ng sansrival tinignan ko dahil I was kind of thinking of bringing Monica here).

On to our orders:
  • Pizza Papa
  • Pizza Lidia
  • Mozzarella sticks
  • Some mocha drink really rich in whipped cream whose name I forgot na (Jill's)
  • Some chocolate drink which has less whipped cream than the mocha drink (Jared's)

Pizza Papa was a-okay but then I would like to apologize because I can never ever appreciate thin crust pizzas. Their wonderful crispiness distracts me from indulging myself in their cheesy form. Ayoko ng sabay-sabay na pleasure. Gusto ko one at a time.

Pizza Papa
I did not really appreciate Pizza Lidia because
  • It has black olives
  • It has green olives (for further injury, I think)
  • It has tuna in it (I'm sick of tuna okay)
  • The tomato and the layer of cheese was the only thing I liked about it

Anyway, people have different tastes so I'm not dissuading anyone from trying it. So go on. Try it.

Pizza Lidia
Earlier I mentioned that it has a lovely interior. Well, that was one of the reasons Mum brought us there. While waiting for the bill, Mum was insisting that we take a trip to the powder room. Eh ayaw namin. Yun pala she just wanted us to see its grandiose, er, interior. However, Jill was too busy with her anime and I was too full of pride so I didn't go anyway. I don't want Mum to emerge victorious in trying to show us something fab that she saw first before we did. Oo masama akong anak lol

The interior was good. The service was good. I guess we just ordered the wrong items. Overall, I give it a 2 out of 5 (wow gumaganon).

64 Calderon St.
Calumpang, Marikina
(02) 647-7606

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