Hell weekend

My Friday’s about to end and I have not yet done anything productive.

I just got home (by home I mean the one in Rizal) yesterday. Why, you ask. Well the UPCAT will take place on Saturday and Sunday so my school had to give up Friday’s afternoon classes to prepare for next day’s UPCAT. I went home Thursday since my only Friday pasok commences at 5:30 in the afternoon giving me the ultimate oh-what-a-wonderful-life pass to a long weekend.

Long weekend woohoo lettuce celebry or somethin!

Yeah that was what I had in mind too until it occurred to me that I'll be taking two exams next week and that I'll still have to read the 6th chapter of this e-book I illegally downloaded for Econ 102 and that I'll still have to update my notes on Macroeconomics so that I'll be able to understand whatever Sir De Leon has to discuss the next time we meet. I still don't even know what to do with my BM 99.1 (Accounting) since it has been two weeks since the last time I saw Sir Bacon. My point is that I still have to accomplish so many school shit before I get to enjoy whatever may be left of my weekend.

Long weekend indeed.

With this I constructed a Long Weekend Game Plan. Oo na yuck nerd moments pero I without a to-do list I sure won't be able to accomplish anything. Here goes.

  • BM 153 Take notes from readings
  • Philo 171 Catch up (since I was not around last session)
  • Philo 171 Finish catching up (I swear there are lots to read)
  • Econ 102 Read Chapter 6
  • Econ 101 Take notes from provided PPTs
  • Construct Sigman anniv. tarp design draft
  • Construct fancy happy birthday August celebrants poster thingie
  • BM 153 Review for exam
  • Philo 171 Review for exam
Non-acad gigs
  • Cinemalaya: Try to find a way inside the movie house to watch Ang Nawawala and Mga Kidnapper ni Ronnie Lazaro since you're the suckiest loser to fail to reserve a ticket or two (one for Mocs of course) for the screening.
  • Go on a date with Inday or Dahlia or Kit or Charlene.
  • Assist Sofia (or maybe not-- she's Jill's guest anyway... pero)
  • Attend to check-up

And yet I still find time to blog. Well, let's say this is my way of relieving stress (without even feeling it yet). Pero okay sa totoo lang ayoko pang simulan tasks ko so

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