Pancakes and plastic balloons

Monica and I went on a pancake date earlier today. I received her text 10 minutes after waking up so we barely made it to the pancake hours ('til 10:30am)-- pero we still did. Ha!

Death by sugar overdose
Pancake Sundays is our way of catching up with each other's, er, monkey business. Monica's kind of obsessed with pancakes and I'm kind of obsessed with sweets (at least back when we started going on dates) and we don't really get to see each other during the weekdays so this is how we make up for it.

This time, I had her paint my nails red (yihee kikay) because I have to have red nails for our org's event on Tuesday. Also, she taught me how to apply lipstick because I was wrong on thinking that not much skill was needed for such an activity. Eh super mega duper hirap pala, jusmé. I'm not sorry for sucking at being a girl, though.

Move in closer and let me tell you a secret: I have a dick.

Also, Ekay came just when we were about to finish. Apparently, they had plans to go shopping at Ronac's Bazaar for some Flying Dutchman shoes in Greenhills (ayan stalkable na hahaha). Ugh they're such an adorable pair... or was I just saying that so Monica will treat me again the next time we have pancakes? Joke lang. They really are a cute couple. Hahahahahahahaha :)

Incoming! (Tunog war freak effect)

She does this every time we have fast food.

I still had the tubes of plastic balloon with me from Jared's school foundation day
so I brought them and gave the small ones to her.
Trying hard to make it look like she's stuck inside.
Trying out one of the bigger tubes. 
The baby on the photo's upper left could easily fit into this. Hehe
My plastic balloon boyfriend. Taba niya 'no? K.

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