Habagat flipping out

I was tasked to get the books and shoes and clothes upstairs.
Epal yung alikabok, pinky swear.

I had to take care of such a dirty business.

August 7th, 0830 hours (wow gumaganon)

By 0930, we were able to bring most of our heavy thingamabobs upstairs. Pero we left the telly downstairs so that we'd still be in the know kung nanu nang nangyayari sa labas.

Mum on a coffee break. 
Mrs. Spidey putting up a web. Bad timing, darling.

By 1300, the very unwelcome floodwater was able to penetrate through our first line of defense. We never  had the thought of abandoning ship though. Nevarrrr!

Oo, may superpowers kapatid ko. He's half a butterfly. Hush lang ha.

Go away Leptospirosis, we don't want your ass in here.

This here (below) is a photo of where my boyfriend resides (oo meron pero wala namang makakabasa nito so gora lang). Yung first storey, school. Yung second, bahay.

Since Teacher Joy (the owner) is such a philanthropist (I mean that in the most positive way, just so you know), she let those whose houses are only one-storey be guests muna 'til the waters receded. So even before the tubig-baha was knee-high, people were rushing in to her very, very humble abode. Apparently they knew when to evacuate na because of the Ondoy experience.

Still, they're throwing a party without inviting us. Boo hoo. Andun pa naman yung crush ko nung maliit ako (landi 'no, hehe).

One of my Facebook contacts thought (I think he was kidding, though) that
those were escape slides! Pwede din, 'no? Hihi.

Jared's room = Instant bodega

Ready to welcome the oh-so-demented floodwater. No open arms for you though.

Stuffed tiger clinging to the well. Rad idea, mister.

Bedroom panorama (ours)

Living room panorama, pre-alon.

Living room panorama, post-alon.

By morning (August 8th), the floodwater that forced its way into our house was the first one to greet me hello. How nice of it.

Indoor pool, anyone?

Meanwhile, upstairs:

I was surprised to find an Eragon book in Papa's shelves. I mean, really?

Feeling nasa Venice.

Almost waist-deep.

Parang-milkshake in our yard. Where are all the boys at?!

Kitty (not a cat) and Sirius (a.k.a. Padfoot)

Izzy (pups' mum) and Churro (pups' dad, as we assumed)

Yellowbell St. Extension Panorama (with Jared's filthy face)

Cuddle weather-- even for Izzy and her offsprings.

First time 'ko kasing maglaro ng Monopoly na may naka-hotel eh. Pagpasensiyahan.

When the floodwater packed up and went away (never come back, you evil thing!), we started cleaning up. Mama and I took care of the terrace which by then was a haven for flies! As in shit, ang daming tae. I just did not take a picture of it because surely 'di mate-take ng sikmura niyo. Good thing we feed them pellets-- not leftovers otherwise they'd be shitting really sticky and far more smelly shit.

So thank *insert name of dog food inventor here* for pellets!

Also, I apologize for the sudden photobomb. I don't usually blog this way, but ever since I heard that Multiply was going to stop offering file sharing services by December, I did not know what to do. Up until now I still upload my stuff on Multiply-- pinky swear-- you can check it if you want to (click here, darling). Right now I'm thinking of how to retrieve all those stuff... and where to keep them, especially.

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