Sunny rainy suburb

My only class in the afternoon was cancelled so I got to go home earlier today woohoo! The reason was not woohoo-material however-- my professor had to attend (ata) to the guests of his father's funeral. I would love to send my condolences but I do not have any means of contacting him. May his dad rest in peace.

Moving on.

The sun's rays kind of gave off a good warm feeling on my skin and the wind was really soft . Don't get me wrong-- I'm not trying to be romantically descriptive over here. I was just trying to appreciate how today's weather conditioned the sun and the wind to be rather friendlier. I mean, don't you just love it?

Park sidewalk

Tapos as I was making my way down the street, Broken Social Scene's Ambulance for the Ambiance (download here) went on play! Grabe lang. I'm so glad I've stocked up on new instrumentals. Imagine hearing the wind blowing and the leaves rustling in the background while hearing chimey-wimey woody-windy music playing in the fore. Add that to the super mega duper light traffic to your left (halos wala okay-- plus ang sarap minsan pakinggan ng mga cars as they drive by) and the happy kids playing and gigglin in the park to your right.

Fuckin' eargasmic.

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