Music from the Yesteryears

Last Tuesday (August 28), UP Samana (which I'm a member of haha oo kailangan isingit) held it's annual Pinoy Fest in the EuroAsia Hotel in Balibago, Angeles City. This year's theme? Retro!

UP Psych Soc presents Rean!
(From left to right) Rain, Joshu, Carmina, Nicole, Jean (me), Clarence
(c) Louievy
Erwin photo bomb pero 'di intentional hahahaha k
(c) Louievy
Jera, Kiyoko, Jean, Juroe, Nicole
(c) Louievy
UP Samana!
(c) Louievy
I wasn't able to take pictures since I left my camera at home plus I think I was too busy having fun... My friends and I were dancing at the back of the room! We may have looked crazy and childish and immature and shit, but bah, who cares? Minsan lang 'to 'no. Hahaha.

*Queue lame disco dance*

Though I was really kinda able to snap some shots with my telepono, it was only from those hours (yes, hours) waiting for Clarence and Ivy and Kim and Pat and MJ to get made up. Thus the incoming photo bomb. (Insert evil laugh here)

Dalaga na si Clare ahiiii :>

Ivy | Clarence 
Pat and Kim

Aira trying to cope with boredom hahaha

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