Kid Jungle

Last Thursday (August 23), College of San Benildo - Rizal (formerly San Benildo Integrated School) celebrated its 40th Foundation Day. I was actually looking forward to another mundane event, but then an arena of youngsters aiming spray string ammo at each other welcomed me! Kung ganito lang ang foundation day sa lahat ng school, jusmé, magpapa-guest list na 'ko lagi.

Now imagine them with ears and tails and roars.
Booths selling inedible merchandise were selling the same items: plastic eyewear (lalo na yung may usong Hello Kitty ears and bow), beyblade (which I never thought would sell out to this generation's youngsters), One Direction button pins, toy masks, tubes of plastic balloon, canisters of spray string, pouches, watches, toys, toys toys!

Most of these items, if not all, were just silly made-in-China dittos and may even have super low durability but I availed some anyway since lahat naman tayo guilty. Yihee. I got myself a a can of spray string (P50), a tricolor slinky (P50), and several tubes of plastic balloon (P2.50 - P10).

Cheap novelty items = Magic
Game booths were set up by 5th and 6th graders-- those who use intermediate pad papers for quizzes and essays and stuff (because yes I used to be one of them, hihi).

I'm not an Angry Birds fan but I think this booth deserves an award for extra effort! The decor was super playful-- they even painted the cubes just so they'd look like those pesky green pigs from the game! The mechanics was simple-- you just had to knock down the green piggy cubes using only three stuffed Angry Birds.

Kid-in-charge I'd toss stuffed birds at if only he were painted green hihihi jk

I was tempted to try out the Soccer Game Booth but they're just kids. I hate to be one of the grown-ups ugh

Also, ang daming batang chics. Can you spy the apple of my eye (wow rhyming)?

Bright color hairspray-ed do was in trend!
Fair's cliché
The first person I aimed my spray string at: BRUDAAAAH!

Stupid replication...
Jared's revenge

Who could this sirenang feelingera be?
Dun dun dun! Annica Sirena. K.
One game booth, however, put me off. The operators were letting those children (if adults participated, shame on you) toss rings at the poor chicks. Sila kaya ihagis sa tubig na may dye tapos hagisan ng rings? Tangina ha.

I hope they realize the consequences of their actions :(
Cousin Annica got herself a pink chick. If only I'd told her sooner.
They didn't even know how to handle it :(
Jared then decided that he was hungry so we went to the canteen for a bite. He got me an order of fish balls-- half of which he ate din naman :)))

Then I saw this little lady munching on her Chicken Joy. Ang cute lang.

The Party Hair: Spray paint with bright colors then toss some of them spray string in. Ta-da!

The Party Hair!
Chick Nursery

Most people dreaded the Jail Booth. I'd love to be incarcerated, though.
At the sun's height, I decided to give my Philo 171 readings some very much deserved attention.
I took a rest on the stairway where I spotted two security guards. I wonder how they cope up with boredom in these kinds of days. They weren't even at all functional: Kids weren't supposed to go to their classrooms, pero ang dali lang nalulusutan ng mga bata 'tong mga guards na 'to.

Sayang tuition.

Teacher doing the kendeng
Schoolyard Panorama

While waiting for Jared to change up, I saw a kid staring at a mesh of bright yellow thingie. I got curious as to what it was so I took a look myself once the kid went away.

This is just inhumane.

Pasintabi sa mga kumakain pero eto ang dinudulot ng mga palarong iyan.
Overall, even though I was super disappointed with those booths giving aways chicks and fishes as prizes, I had fun! There were so many things to be happy about~
  • Aiming my can of spray strings at random youngsters
  • Kids simultaneously singing to songs by One Direction, Carly Rae Jepsen, Demi Lovato, Maroon 5, and Justin Biebs
  • Booths selling the same novelty items for different prices (perfectly competitive market!)
  • Chubby and jumpy and cutesy little kids
  • Random kids going up to and warning me to take my ponytail off or hide my spray can if I don't wanta get jailed
  • Random kid asking me if he has fair skin because fair-skinned people are the new Jail Booth targets

Isa pa please :)

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