Mishandling productivity: blog revamp

It's a quarter to eleven and the only times I've meddled with the love affair blossoming between my ass and my bed were those times when I have to pee and those commercials I have to grab something to eat. Team Tamad ako for the long weekend woohoo

I've been focusing my productivity on shit not related to school. Screw me, right?
  • I've been playing Charlie Chaplin's Smile on guitar over and over and I might just as well upload a video of myself making a cover of it.
  • I've played Monopoly with (my brother) Jarhead twice in a row and just imagine how hard it is to finish the game when there are only two participants.
  • I've been hopping from art blog to art blog to inflict further injury both to my ego and to my dying skillz (if I even ever had any).
  • I kept on going outside to rub the dogs' bellies. We've got five.
  • I've been trying to revive my (rather imaginary) skillz. 

This is my third commando sketch today.

  • I've spent about five hours (FIVE FUCKING HOURS!) pimping this blog. I just had too-- I cannot anymore stand its previously playful appearance okay
  • I've sketched some Aztec-ish pattern for my blog's skin and it didn't turn out the way I wanted it to.
Aztec-ish pattern sketch (oo na career na so shut up)
Green Aztec-ish (2) 
Green Aztec-ish (2)

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